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Hi Helen

Just letting you know all is well! We have named her Lara. And she is perfect. And spoilt! Lara has settled in better than we could have ever hoped, she loves the other 3 dogs here aqnd chases them everywhere. She sleeps next to our bed every night on the floor, for the first 3 days we had her on our bed and slowly worked her down to the floor and shes doing well. Shes growing so fast! Her favourite thing is going in the car beleive it or not, she runs and tried to climb in if anyone goes near the car and loves going on trips with us. The cats are getting used to her and shes learnign to stay away from them or she gets a claw in the face. She LOVES the goats and they dont know what to make of her. We take her on our morning routine ( about an hour) of feeding all the animals and milking and she is getting to the stage she knows where to go and runs ahead every morning. The goats arent too impressed with how hypo she is but shes learning to respect them or get a head butt from the does which is great. When she met the chickens and ducks, she ran away with her tail in between her legs back to the main house but now she takes great delight in waiting unilt they are all having brekky then does a running leap into the middle of them and sits there with a big smile on her face. She doesnt show any agression and its almost like "look what I can do mum!" Too cute for words. The lead? Hates it. Chews it, growls, cracks a big whammy and carries on like the world is ending. We will get there. She adjusted to a collar fine. Shes not a big eater though weve found compared to what we expected. She doesnt eat her lunch at all, preferring to play, she has something around 630am, then nibbles on the other dogs dry food all day and has dinner with the cats at night. That might have a lot to do with the fact she finishes her food, then finishes off what the cats dont eat as well! hahahaha I have been teaching her to sit and she is getting there quite well as long as I dont go for more than 5 minutes at a time. typical puppy attention span! How did you go with the rest of the pups? No problems? I hope they all went to good homes and are as happy as we are. We have already decided to get another Maremma pup from you in your next litter if you would be okay with that? If that would be okay, can you let us know when you are planning on another litter? Again, we would prefer another girl, we thought about a boy for a while but decided that a girl is more suited to us at this stage. I look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards Natasha and Aaron
Charters Towers, QLD

Hi Helen,
It's been ages since I last emailed you, but I just wanted you to know that we are absolutely delighted with our now very big puppy, 'Polar'. Never having had a maremma before, we weren't sure quite what he'd be like, despite all the reading and research prior to getting him. However he is constantly proving himself to be the most beautiful, good looking, handsome, gentle, affectionate, loyal, loving dog whose company I regularly look forward to sometimes more than that of my 1 and 3 year old children! (Shhh! don't tell them that!) I just wanted you to know he lives here very happily and the whole family love him to bits (Sophie, our 1 yr old daughter, spends her whole time outside getting him his toys and giving them to him - he now towers over her in size, but this doesn't faze her) Thank you for supplying us with such a special puppy, both in breed and temperament. He is just beautiful in so many ways, and his temperament is nothing like any other dog I have ever known. He is very, very special and I'll never be able to live without a maremma again. Thank you very much again.
Nicola & Harry Bussell
Prime Lamb & Grain Growers, VICTORIA


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