The flock was originally founded in December 1990 at Bugle Ranges near Wistow. The stud is now situated approx. 21 km South of Strathalbyn, with an average rainfall of 425mm. Quantity has never been an issue at Pine Ridge, but QUALITY has. The foundation ewe stock were purchased from the dispersal of the “Louson Stud” at Wistow. Two stud rams were also selected back then from the Burwood & Renrut Studs to help maintain excellent carcass, hindquarter and bone.

To increase numbers and quality base stock, selected stud ewes were purchased mainly from dispersals. The “Merrindah” stud in the S.E. in 1992 provided some excellent breeding stock. In 1993, some outstanding mated ewes, were purchased from the dispersal of the “Cosmos” Stud in Tasmania. Also purchased was the stud’s leading ram. This ram was renowned for producing early maturing lambs with tremendous eye muscle and meat in the hindquarter.
The lamb drop from the mated ewes purchased in Tasmania produced some outstanding progeny, and for this reason their sire was also purchased and added to the flock.

With concern regarding “Spider Syndrome”, known to be found in the American Suffolks imported to Australia, it was not until October 1993, that one young ram was eventually purchased, being 50% U.S.Gen. His sire Advancer 2439-85, was found to be “provisionally clean” of the genetic disorder.

OliverIn December ‘94, the ram Renrut 744-93ET was purchased. He was one of only 10 rams sold sired by the American Ram, Bingham Young University, 21-83T, also “provisionally clean” from spider syndrome. His progeny have proven to be consistently impressive in every aspect.

In April 1997, several exceptional ewes and the stud Ram,
“Oliver” 78-93ET pictured right >> ,
all being of U.S.Gen, were purchased from the renowned “Othello Park” dispersal sale. The “Cote Hele” stud dispersal, March 2001 in Tasmania offered a further opportunity to purchase some outstanding mated ewes.

In November 2003 Pine Ridge purchased the complete dispersal of Sonning Suffolk Stud owned by Tom Bull, Holbrook NSW - Flock No 1918. OJDMN3. All stock purchased were bred with a strong focus on Lambplan and commercial performance with many bloodlines similar to Pine Ridge.
Included in the purchase of some outstanding ewes and lambs were sires Pine Ridge 120-01 and Mt Ronan 276-99.

In October 2005, Elvamore Suffolk Stud, a part sister stud to the Sonning Stud, also in Holbrook NSW, was purchased at dispersal. This included their 2004 show team ewes and many extremely outstanding breeding ewes. Several of these include Pine Ridge genetics. The ram Bowen "Barry" 340-03 was also included in this sale. This ram has impressive scale, bone and thickness and will blend well with the breeding programs underway at Pine Ridge.

Pineridge exporting ewes to ChinaIn April 2007 extensive DNA testing was also done on Pine Ridge ewes and rams to ensure the genetic disorder "Spider Syndrome" had not inadvertantly entered the stud. This was to further guarantee excellence in all breeding stock sold from Pine Ridge.

Early 2013 saw concerns raised again regarding Spider Syndrome being introduced into some Suffolk Flocks. It also saw a new DNA test introduced here in Australia at Queensland University, Gatton.
Pine Ridge has again done specific testing of any Suffolks with pedigrees that may be suspect and has also tested free all rams used in the stud. We will be testing all rams offered for sale each year as stud sires and any new sires used to ensure we do not inadvertently pass SS on to any other breeder. Only “clean” sheep will be used for breeding at Pine Ridge

Genetics from only elite Australian, American and New Zealand rams have been used at Pine Ridge. These genetics have brought the stud great success over the years, with ram, ewe and semen sales going to 5 States in Australia and Suffolk ewes and rams also exported to China and Japan. Semen has also been sold to USA.



All stock must have sound feet and mouths.
Culling has been essential in ensuring a high standard of quality is maintained.
In any year, young rams are paddock reared, with only minimal hand feeding. Young ewes are treated similarly.

Stud ewes are looked after well. New born lambs are ear-tagged as day olds, and fully vaccinated. At 12 weeks of age they are drenched and weaned.

Current weaning weights for lambs are: Single ram lambs: 40-59kg at 12 weeks, Single ewe lambs: 35-47kg at 12 weeks, Twin lambs: 35-49kg at 12 weeks. These weights are currently being achieved consistently with higher weights recorded.

Management of our Suffolk sheep flock





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